Top 10 Recipes


I hope that 2008 was a good year for you and that 2009 brings with it the  joy and happiness we all strive for in our lives. Here is a list of some of my favorite sweet recipes I think you need to make this year and why.  I can’t wait to begin baking in 2009!

I am interested in hearing from you! Which recipes from my site have you tried and what have you thought about them?

10. Frosted Marshmallow Bars
WHY: A family favorite for years that is sure to please. I love the subtle chocolate flavor the brownie has, making it the perfect base for marshmallow and chocolate frosting layers.  Trust me, if you like chocolate, these bars will be sure to please.

9. Blondies
WHY: So simple, so easy, so quick, so good. With endless varieties (check out my ‘blondie’ category) these are the perfect dessert. You can really take the base recipe and make them your own, I can’t wait to try more combinations of add-ins this year!

8. Intense Chocolate Shock Cookies
WHY: Usually I am not a fan of chocolate cookies but these grabbed my tastebuds and my heart. So rich and full of possibilities. I have added chopped PB cups, white chocolate, nuts etc. to them and they have turned out rich and fabulous every time.  Don’t trust me? How about Anna?

7. Oatmeal Carmelitas
WHY? These bars are so gooey with layers of chocolate and caramel sandwiched between an oatmeal base and topping. I have been making this recipe for years and years. It has always been one of my favorite dessert recipes.

6. The Best Peanut Butter Cookies
WHY: These are the best PB cookies I have had. They are soft, chewy, peanut buttery and I love that they have PB and Chocolate chips in them. The roll in sugar before baking really takes them over the top.

5. Chewy Ginger Cookies with Cinnamon Chips
WHY: These are perfect for the holiday season with their flavor combination of ginger and cinnamon.  I absolutely loved these cookies, they remained chewy for days and the little bursts of cinnamon chips through out the cookie made these stand out from the ordinary ginger cookie.

4. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Oat Bars
WHY? These don’t require baking, making them perfect for days when you don’t want to use the oven. Their combination of peanut butter, chocolate and oatmeal is one of my all time favorites, a sure winner!

3. Oreo Fudge Bars
WHY: If the title alone doesn’t tell you, I am not sure what else to say.  These have been requested by my friends and co-workers alike. The best part is they are so simple to make, require few ingredients yet can be ‘dressed’ up to look like a fancy dessert if needed.

2. Double Butterscotch Cookies
WHY: These have turned out to be one of my all time favorite cookies ever. I am in LOVE the flavor of these cookies. The dough can either be dropped and baked or formed into logs and frozen for slice and bake cookies later.  I prefer the drop method but either way these did not last long. 

1. Double Peanut Butter Cheesecake Swirled Brownies
WHY: My all time favorite and most requested brownie recipe. If you are a fan of PB and chocolate, look no further than this recipe. Make them soon and make them often. These are worth cheating on your New Years resolution to diet. Trust me.


22 thoughts on “Top 10 Recipes

  1. What a great listing of tasty 2008 treats! Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year full of more delicious eats. I’m looking forward to future posts from BakingBlonde’s Weblog in 2009!

  2. I can tell that my New Years resolution to not eat after 7 is not going to work.

    The only recipe on the list that I’ve made is the blondie one. My family and I had never had a blondie until I made your version this past summer. Since that time we’ve realized that Blondies are one of our very favorite desserts. I’ve made yours several times and with various mix-ins. I have also made a few other recipes of yours that didn’t make your list.

    The recipes that I’d like to try next are #10, #3, #1, & #7 in that order. I can’t resist marshmallows!

    Can’t wait to see what new recipes YOU post!

    Happy, Happy New Year!

  3. I have made your Intense Choc Shock cookies a couple times–GREAT! And LOVE the ginger cinnamon chip cookies, too!
    There’s more you’ve given a recipe for that I’ve made, too. I’m pretty sure I’ve also made the pb cookies.
    Love your blog and how you always just put one, simple, yummy looking picture of the things you make.
    Can’t wait to see what 2009 brings here!

  4. I had forgotten about your double pb cheesecake brownies. I remember how much I LOVED them when you first blogged about them (and I made them). Now I will have to make them again!!

  5. It is so great to hear from all of you, so glad you have enjoyed my recipes this year. I have several marked from your blogs to try! Can’t wait for 2009 baking!!

  6. Frosted Marshmallow Bars!! They are to die for, I have made them for several family get togethers and everyone loves them. Thank you so much for your blog. I enjoy reading it, and trying your recipes.

  7. I love your site and visit it frequently. I am in love with the PB cheesecake brownies. I make them monthly for various parties/social functions I attend and they are usually the first dessert to get eaten and raved about.

    I also love the Marshmallow Bars. One of my all time faves and I now make them when I have had a rough week because I know they will cheer me up!

    Can’t wait to try the Double Butterscotch cookies, I Love butterscotch and those look great!

    Keep up the great baking. I love that your recipes are simple and straight forward, perfect for the everyday home baker!

  8. The #1 ranking for the double peanut butter cheesecake brownies could not be more appropriate–I’d say they should be illegal, but that would just be tragic. Everything else on the list sounds awesome too–I’ll have to give some of these recipes a try soon.
    Love the blog!

  9. I’m glad you put the shock cookies on the list. Those are super! Plus, I love that the recipe was taped inside a church cookbook. I think the devil put it there.

  10. I am so excited to stuble upon your website. I was getting bored with my usuall ones and tomorrow I will break out the mixer again! Thank you!

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