Basic Blondies

Once again I made a batch of Blondies. It is a recipe I have made a million times but just haven’t taken pictures. I had my camera out tonight so I thought I would snap a couple pictures to share.

I am in love with this recipe and love its versitility. I have tried more combinations of add-ins than I can count and each time they turn out Delish! I added toasted pecans, toffee pieces and white chocolate chunks to this batch. Here are some other variations I have really enjoyed but feel free to mix and match add-ins to meet your tastes!

I rate this recipe a 9

PB chips/Milk Chocolate Chips/Reese’s Pieces
Dried Cranberries/White Chocolate Chunks/ Toasted Walnuts
Toffee pieces/Toasted Pecans/Butterscotch chips
Diced apples/cinnamon/Cinnamon chips
Reese’s PB cups, chopped/ Grated Hershey’s bar
Toasted Coconut/Macadamian nuts

13 thoughts on “Basic Blondies

  1. YUM! I love your blondie recipe. In fact, I think it’s time I make these again. You are right, they are DEF a goodie!

  2. Hello,
    I baked these today. Are they supposed to be “wet”? Please let me know as I was intending to take these to a 4th of July function.

  3. Ingrid, they should not be “wet” but they will be slightly gooey and firm up as they cool. Maybe bake yours a bit longer next time.

    As for being greasy, I always use 7TBS butter melted and they are never greasy. How are you measuring your flour? You may not have added enough. I am sorry, there is not much to do now after they have finished. Next time you may want to add more flour. The dough is usually very shaggy looking for me when I put it in the pan.

    I am sorry about your results, I have never had a problem with these. They are meant to be a tad gooey when taken out of the oven but not wet or greasy.

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for responding. My husband said that they were fine so I took them and they were the only dessert to be completely eaten! As you said they did firm up some but I still think they could have benefited from staying in a few minutes longer. How “golden” and firm are the edges for you? Mine were firm. I took mine out based on my edges figuring the middle would be a bit gooey.
    As for the greasiness…I cut them up and put them on paper towels and they were better. Maybe I over did it with the Pam?
    I am going to give the recipe another try. Maybe tomorrow for another party as the blondies were very good despite it all.
    Thanks, again!
    Ingrid……….Hope you had a Happy & Safe 4th!

  5. Ingrid:
    Yeah! So glad they worked out in the end!!

    Here is a tip I do when I am thinking they need just a bit longer to bake but don’t want to overbake them. I turn off the oven and then open the door a bit but leave the bars in there for another 5-7 minutes or so. Just until they are golden, a tad darker in color than a carmel candy or a Worther’s candy. They continue to cook but don’t get overly brown in my experience (kind of trial and error though)

    Good luck with your next batch, and yeah, don’t over-do the PAM!! A LIGHT spray is all you need, there is a fair amount of butter in these babies already! ha ha!

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  8. […]I came home from that trip to NYC determined to find that recipe on the web…but alas, it would take me over TEN YEARS to find something comparable…and here it is! The website I got the recipe from called it a Blondie…but I call it heaven.:)[…]

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