Better Than (you know what) Cake

There are many names for this cake and many variations. My mom used to refer to this as Better than Christmas cake so my sisters and I could ask for dessert without it sounding “R-rated” or spurring a discussion about the “Birds and the Bees” at the dinner table; especially so when we had friends over.
This cake is my sister’s absolute favorite cake. She requests it every year for her Birthday cake. It is so simple to make as it starts with a boxed cake mix, although a homemade one would work as well, but why put in the extra effort when the cake is really just used as a “sponge” to soke up all the ooey gooey goodness in this recipe. I would prefer to bake a cake from scratch when I can truly enjoy its flavor and texture.
As I have said, this cake has many variations and is so versitile. Some recipes call for a yellow cake mix, pineapple and coconut, others use German chocolate cake mix. The possiblities are endless. I will admit that the Yellow cake mix version does not appeal to me in the slightest so I stick to the Chocolate variety. The thing I love about this cake is the longer it sits in the fridge the more moist and delicious it becomes! How many cakes can say that?? This cake is so moist, rich and oh so good. In an attempt to “lighten” it up a bit (especially since the holiday goody consumption is around the corner and my jeans are already a little snug) I modified my usual “recipe” My changes in red.
I rate this recipe an 8
Better than Christmas Cake
1 boxed Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix (Betty Crocker)
Water, eggs and oil called for with cake mix *I used 1 can Diet Coke in place of all water, eggs and oil
1 12 oz. jarred Caramel Sauce *I used Sugar Free
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk * I used Fat Free Bordens Sweet and Condensed Milk
1 Butterfinger bar, crushed
1 Skor bar, Crushed
1 tub Coolwhip, thawed *I used Sugar free
1 cup mini chocolate chips
Bake cake according to package directions for a 9×13 pan until a few crumbs come out on a toothpick inserted in center.
After removing cake from oven, use the back of a wooden spoon and poke several holes in the cake, making sure not to go all the way to the bottom of the pan or the carmel and milk will pool and stick to the pan making it hard to serve.

Stir together in a bowl the carmel sauce and Sweet and condensed milk. You can heat carmel slightly in the microwave to make it easier to mix.

Evenly pour mixture over the entire cake making sure to pour some into the holes you poked.
Sprinkle the crushed candy bars evenly over the cake. Cover and refridgerate until ready to serve. Best if allowed to chill overnight.
When ready to serve, frost cake with Coolwhip and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.
*I like to allow the cake sit out at room temperature for about 15-20 minutes before serving to allow the carmel/milk mixture to warm a bit and create a gooey sauce through out the cake.


9 thoughts on “Better Than (you know what) Cake

  1. some of the best tasting cakes come from packaged cake mixes. this really does look better than sex. that diet coke trick is really interesting. i have a cake like this called a “crater cake” which uses devil’s food cake mix and i’m curious about what the pop would do to it.

  2. I am intrigued by your use of diet coke! What a fantastic idea! How did it compare to how you usually make it with eggs and oil etc? Must try this trick! Thanks. Poppy 🙂

    • Poppy,
      For this cake there is no difference between the diet coke cake and one made with oil and eggs like my mom makes.
      For regular cakes wtih just frosting on top, some people find the diet coke cake to not be as moist but I really can’t tell. I find if you bake it correctly just until done it will not be overly dry at all. It is a bit more delicate than with eggs since the eggs help give it a bit of structure, you could always add an egg or eggwhite to help with structure but I have not done this personally.
      Good luck!

  3. I did it!! Fascinating! I made chocolate cupcakes using a can of diet coke and a betty crocker cake mix! Magic! Thanks for your inspiration and for introducing me to a great trick. Poppy

  4. Amazing, I’ve done it a few times now when I’ve needed a birthday cake in a couple hours! It’s amazing! And yes lower in calories but you really wouldn’t know, plus I had to make a cake for a little boy with an egg allergy so this was a great saviour then! Oh I do love the science of baking!!

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