I prefer Hide and Go Seek

But, alas I have been tagged by Brooke (http://brooke-cookiejar.blogspot.com/). So I will play along! I do love a good game now and again!
I need to share with you all eight fun facts about myself and then tag eight more people to do the same.

1) I have absolutely NO willpower or control over my consumption of Cereal. The only psuedo control I possess is to not purchase it and therefore making it much more difficult to consume it. I have been known to beg, borrow and steal it from neighbors and roommates in college! It does not matter the kind, I love it all. From Grapenuts (those little buggers multiply in milk) to Fruity Pebbles. From Raisin Bran to Apple Jacks. From Fiber One to Lucky Charms. I think you get the picture. I will eat the entire box in one sitting without even realizing it! I will eat it until the entire box is either empty or physically removed from my presence. I am so weak.

2) I love the tv show Big Love on HBO. I don’t have the HBO package so I rent them from Blockbuster and have just finished season One. I can NOT wait for season Two to come out on DVD so I can once again settle into my weekend routine of popping some popcorn and settling in to watch a few good episodes. I never get sick of seeing what Nicky will buy next or Margene’s next “Young Life Crisis” breakdown. Trully my fave show right now. Highly recommended.

3) I have never baked a yeast bread. I have made several loaves of quick bread and have purchased and baked many a frozen loaf of bread, but have not ever prepared the dough from scratch. It is on my “Must Do” list for the fall and winter months.

4) I have never been late a day in my life. I HATE people who are perpetually late and think their time is more important than yours. I especially hated those people in college and the professors who would wait to begin knowing some students would be coming in late. HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO 99% of us are here and ready to begin, I say let us leave 10 minutes early and keep those who choose to be late, stay late to get the full information from class! This only irritates more the older I get. I mean come on people, either get a watch, or check the phone: your cellphone has the time right on it you have NO excuse for always being 5-10 minutes late! UGHHHHH

5) I love all vegetables and would much rather give up all meat, fish and poultry than to give up my veggies!!

6) I really love celebrity gossip. I get excited reading and hearing about recent break-ups/hook-ups, meltdowns and weight gains/losses. I know it only perpetuates what is the trainwrecks knows as “Celebrities” but I can’t help it! Maybe I should join a 12 Step program or something.

7) I idolize my mother. She does not know this and I do not tell her often enough how great she is not only as my mother, but as a human being with whom I have had the pleasure to walk this earth with.

8) I would love to join Global Volunteers and spend a week or two in Africa digging wells, teaching English to children and building houses. Time and life keep getting in the way and I make way too many excuses for not going. One day (hopefully soon) I will run out of excuses and take the plunge.


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